Friday, March 30, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 52

The gym pass failed today. Tried to go to Tribeca Health & Fitness but was told I needed an appointment to use the gym. According to the pass, appointments are not required, but the woman at the juice bar/check in desk refused me access.

I asked if I could make an appointment, for right then, but she told me "no one was in the gym." The gym that bills itself as the largest in Tribeca apparently had only one person working there, and she could not leave her post.

This woman told me no one could use the gym without first getting a tour.

She did offer to sell me a day pass, for $20, granting me access. Apparently, when you pay $20, you no longer require said tour.


So I ran home. Tribeca to Park Slope, via the Brooklyn Bridge - about 6 miles. A perfect destination run.

Just not the workout I expected.

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