Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 38

New York Health & Racquet Club offers squash and racquetball at many of its Manhattan gyms. You can also stay fit through swimming, or one of the aqua exercise classes.

The gym on East 50th St has a pool, hot tub, and eucalyptus shower. Not usual amenities at NY gyms.

The gym feels a bit claustrophobic, with spiral staircases in the locker rooms leading to the shower and pool.

And the workout spaces are hardly state of the art. No bosu balls or rows of free weights here. The cardio machines don't have individual screens, nor do they connect to the large hanging TVs. If you want to watch TV, you just read the captions.

Staffed locker rooms offer deodorant, mouthwash and both tampons and pads.

But the clean, serene, and empty pool make this a worthy mid-town gym.


  1. and one of the best thing this gym has is that it promotes a healthy lifestyle!

    1. totally agree! their approach to health & fitness is motivating - even at 7AM! :-)