Monday, March 12, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 42

One problem with being a gym gypsy is not knowing what is happening at a particular gym. You could call, or go online, but if you forget and just show up, you can waste a pass at a gym where a class is canceled.

This happened at the Doge YMCA in Brooklyn Heights, where the spin room was closed.

But the Y has so much else going on: a huge, beautiful pool, basketball courts, and several floors with cardio machines and weights.

There was another class going on, a total body conditioning that had a rather odd instructor. I lasted about 10 minutes, listening to her regale her regulars with tales of her weekend exploits, then left to exercise on my own.

Since I rode my bike to the gym, I didn't use the locker rooms, but I peeked in and the women's room was clean, if spartan.

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