Friday, February 20, 2015

Disney Side: I Think Bambi Was a Vegetarian

Brussels Sprouts, ready for roasting
It used to be hard to visit Disney World as a vegetarian, but the powers that be got smart, and now cater to all sorts of special meal needs: gluten free, Kosher and vegetarian.

So when I hosted a DisneySide party, I wanted to highlight fun vegetarian food . I had originally planned to do this for the Super Bowl, but I didn't get my Disney package in time.

We had to warn the kids to be careful of toothpicks. Wouldn't large colorful Disney toothpicks have been great?
The first thing I'd been wanting to try was Brussels Sprouts sliders. I figured these were a great party food, able to be eaten in a bite or 2. The recipe I found incorporated caramelized onions, marinated tempeh, grainy mustard and of course roasted Brussels Sprouts. They were complicated to make, messy and a huge hit.

Brains anyone? My vegetarian cauliflower soup
My youngest daughter has a recent obsession with cauliflower and I've been preparing it every which way. For the party I made a vat of cauliflower soup. I wanted to incorporate the villains theme and the mashed up cauliflower looked a little like brains. Vegetarian brains, of course.

Beet puree, before the toppings
We also had a beet puree that had a certain blood resemblance. But the roasted beets, topped with Za'atar, goat cheese and hazelnuts, was a pure vegetarian delight.

Lentils with roasted carrots
Our final dish wasn't the most attractive - intestines, maybe? But it was a crowd pleaser. It had French lentils, roasted carrots and a spicy harissa made with cilantro and habaneros.  I used purple and orange carrots to make it more colorful.

Note: I received a package of Disney goodies, for me and my guests; there was no other compensation.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Vegetarian Valentine's Day

The beet puree, which I serve with goat cheese & hazelnuts
A giant bloody steak is a Valentine's Day tradition, but not for our vegetarian family. Though I do have a gift certificate somewhere from Omaha Steaks (not to worry; they sell chocolate).

In looking for something red and suitably bloody, I turned to beets. Specifically, the gorgeous beet puree from Jerusalem. This mixture of roasted beets with Greek yogurt and Za'atar, served with goat cheese and hazelnuts, can be spooned on crackers or spread on bread as the base of an amazing sandwich.

Happy Valentine's Day - without the meat!