Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 50

What better place to be, at the half-way point of the 100 day fitness challenge: aboard the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship. The ship, the largest in the Disney fleet, has a dcent size gym, with a dozen stat-of-the-art spinning bikes and a daily spin class. There is also an early abs class, so you can work off that extra trip to the buffet.

Aerobic machines have their own TV screens, or you can listen to music and watch the ocean.

The gym
The gym, inside the ship's spa, also has a few bosu balls and a full selection of hand weights. I like to lift weights, then run outside, and the Fantasy helps here, too, with a running track 7 levels below the gym. Do yourself a favor and run those 7 flights of stairs.

In fact, even if you are gym averse, you can combat cruise overeating by avoiding the elevators and always taking the stairs.

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