Monday, March 5, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 37

Equinox may be both the nicest and meanest gym in New York City.

The facilities, at least in the one in Soho, are unparalleled. You enter a beautiful loft building, with a fitness shop and healthy cafe on the ground level. There are couches and tables on the mezzanine level, where you can hang out, then a coat check, friendly check-in, and fantastic locker room.

Soft, thick towels, still warm. Glass-doored showers stocked with Kiehl's products, and razors and shaving cream.

The gym is fine, too. The elliptical machines don't have individual TVs; you plug into one of the huge, hanging screens. Environmentally correct, plus you can catch up on trash TV (and pretend to be watching the MacNeil-Lehrer report).


The spin instructor yelled at several people in the class. She scolded those who were late and wouldn't help adjust a bike for a person who came just before the class began. She said that would make everyone late. Really? How long would that take?

At the end of class, when we were supposed to be off our bikes stretching, she yelled at the 2 people who continued to ride. Admittedly, they were being rude. But they were also listening to iPods, so they didn't even hear her ranting. Those of us who complied were yelled at.

Then, I went to do some weights and couldn't find the 5 pound barbells I need for a particular exercise. There were none of the floor, and a trainer suggested I go into one of studios and take a pair.

There was a class going on, but I quietly walked to the back where there were about 30 5 pound hand weights.

Then the instructor started yelling at me for interrupting her class. It was not a yoga class, I hadn't destroyed the serenity, and she was downright rude.

But at least after I showered, my hair shone with Kiehl's Formula 13.

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