Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 27

Keeping it fresh with fitness is easy when you travel. And if you travel to a place with a destination spa, all the better.
The Boulders Resort, in Carefree, Arizona, has a Golden Door spa, with a fabulous fitness center adjacent. You can keep to your exercise routine, or kick it up a notch, with classes from water fitness to Zumba.

If you prefer to do it alone, there are new cardio machines, lots of free weights and space to use them, and weight machines.

I took a relaxing Sonoran Stretch class; this was vacation, after all, followed by an intense core class where we used an exercise ball and glides to increase stability and balance.

After, I tried out the sauna and steam room, open to all hotel guests. Definitely a well-deserved reward for working out, and one that could inspire more exercise.

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