Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 28

A hike in the desert combines exercise and sightseeing and allows vacationers to keep to a fitness regimen. The Boulders Resort offers a variety of outdoor adventures, including rock climbing, horseback riding and a desert hike.

We are outfitted with fanny packs, water bottles and healthy snacks (apples and granola bars) before our trek, and our guide carries extra water, reminding us every few minutes to take a sip.

It isn't brutally hot, but it is extremely dry. Lip balm is required, along with sunscreen and a hat. Our three hour hike is more endurance than cardio, but it is an excellent way to explore our surroundings and exercise.

Note to family travelers: although fit kids could handle this hike, it is limited to those ages 16 and up. Of course, you can just drive yourself to the national park and go on a family hike, but you don't get the fanny pack.

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