Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 21

As Gertrude Stein might say, a spin class is a spin class is a spin class.

At the West Side Y, the spin class is held in a room so cramped that we can’t stretch our arms to either side, or we will hit the person next to us. But save the danger of flying sweat, the class is basically the same as almost any other spin class, an intense cardio workout with thumping music, dim lights and loud panting.

This class also has a few participants who ignore the instructor, sitting when everyone is standing, sprinting when we are slowing down, and pedaling when we end the class. The instructor seems miffed, but the iconoclasts pay her no heed – one, in fact, is wearing headphones and riding to her own beat.

Not really sure why anyone would subject themselves to the claustrophobic, hot room when there are spin bikes in a large, much cooler cardio room, but then, this is an upper west side gym.

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