Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 16

The West Side Y, just off Central Park West, is in a gorgeous historic building. I have a pass for 2 visits here.

The locker rooms are basic, but clean. You have to go to a desk outside to get a towel, and get buzzed into the locker room. A bit creepy. but I like the idea of asking for a towel - cuts down on rampant towel abuse. I used to see a woman at NY Sports Club who would take a stack of 10 or 12 towels every time, tossing them on the ground like tissues.

Working out here is a bit strange - there are rooms for different exercises, on different floors and I can't even find the cardio room. But I find all the free weights I need. The concrete floor isn't the most forgiving, but unlike my local gym, it doesn't have huge dust bunnies.

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