Monday, February 6, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 20

Another day at David Barton gym, another intense Melt workout.

The David Barton members don't seem any more fit or gorgeous than members of other New York City gyms, though the mood lighting makes everyone look good.

I run into a little snafu after the class. When I go to shower, there is a woman in the locker room who says that men are working on one of the showers, and it will be an hour till I can shower.

Hmm. Can't wait around, and getting on the subway in this sweaty condition is disgusting. Then someone says she will shower anyway, since the guys are just in one shower. So I do the same. I can hear a couple of men working while I shower but I'm behind a curtain. It reminds me of the co-ed showers at my daughter's college dorm.

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