Thursday, February 23, 2012

Veggie Dogs: Asia Dog

If you are searching for a quick meal, hot dogs are not the vegetarian go to choice. But Asia Dogs, one of New York’s artisanal hot dog purveyors, has a veggie dog to go along with its organic beef or chicken dogs.

The veggie dog itself is rather flavorless, but the toppings more than make up for it.
In a nice touch, you can get a whole wheat bun (and no extra charge). You can keep it simple with the Mel & Steve, (named for the owners) an Asian sesame slaw flecked with sesame seeds.

Even better is the Thai style Sidney, with mango, cucumber, peanuts and fish sauce. The counter person warned me about the fish sauce, in case I was vegan.
I also love the saltiness of the Ginny, which has kimchi and seaweed flakes.
If you take kids, they might like the kimchi corndog, which can be made with a veggie dog.

The small shop, in NoLiTa, has a handful of tables. Look for the Asia Dog truck weekends at Brooklyn Flea.

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