Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 22

To experience the antithesis of the West Side Y, I decided my next stop had to be the Reebok Sports Club/NY on the Upper West Side. This was a country club smack dab in NYC, with a huge climbing wall, an outdoor running track and roof terrace, a gorgeous pool and impressive locker rooms. The pristine hot tub screamed resort, not gym, though no one was drinking a margarita.

Of course, it was 11am.

I took Zumba, which was more fun than a fitness class ought to be. The instructor had us moving for a solid hour, with no stopping for a sip of water or a towel to wipe up sweat.

But it was a blast. We were dancing. It was a sober club, on a weekday morning, everyone in workout clothes.

And the lockers rooms are fantastic. Huge, well-stocked with amenities, enough showers, with great water pressure and new tile.

But this gym feels a bit overwhelming. You have to take an elevator to check-in, then another elevator to the 6th floor (or walk) to the fitness studios. The bi-level locker rooms mean you have to walk down for a shower, then back up to change. There is no way to get in and out quickly here.

On the other hand, I may want to stay for the rest of my life.

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