Saturday, October 19, 2013

Running and Biking: Staying Fit Outside at the Manchester Grand Hyatt

The Manchester Grand Hyatt, in San Diego, takes advantage of the wonderful southern California climate, with a jogging/biking map supplied by the concierge. Steps form the hotel, you can run along the sea wall, and though you can't bike through the adjacent Seaport, Village, you can cycle on traffic-free bicycle paths, or take the ferry over to Coronado for miles of bicycle paths.

The Grand Hyatt offers bicycle rentals for $10 an hour - $30 for a full day. These are bicycles for flat, leisurely biking, which is what you'll find along the water, whether in San Diego or Coronado.

And even riding one of these bikes, you can burn enough calories to make up for the Tower 10 IPA you might have had the night before. San Diego has so many craft brewers that it is hard to imagine staying sober long here.

But you will want to go easy on the beer. You have miles to run, bike, or power walk.

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