Friday, October 4, 2013

Brooklyn Fun: local cocktails

My love of travel and passion for locavore cuisine are seemingly at odds, but I figure it's a way to encourage people to travel to Brooklyn.

Even Manhattanites are sometimes reluctant to cross the water. Despite national magazine touting Brooklyn's renaissance - and, to some, its superiority - we in Brooklyn can feel like second class citizens.

But then there's an event like Brooklyn Shaken & Stirred, a celebration of local spirits and mixologists that should make dyed-in-the-wool Manhattanites jealous.

The 2nd annual event, Tuesday, October 8, offers attendees a huge variety of drinks and food to sample.

One that sounds particularly intriguing is the Brooklyn Carousel, which I guess could leave you spinning.

The drink is made with hand crafted Brooklyn Gin, a gorgeous gin (in a super cool bottle) that uses fresh fruit and botanicals.

Here's their description of the Brooklyn Carousel:
A vibrant blend of Brooklyn Gin, fresh lemon juice,
and triple sec, with a touch of brightness from Peychaud's aromatic bitters. 

You'll just have to go the event to see how it tastes.

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