Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting the Green: Kids & Salad

When I was little, I was pegged as a 'picky eater' and I hated salad - because I hated salad dressing. My mother served gloppy Russian dressing, a mixture of my two least favorite ingredients, mayo & ketchup.

Then I discovered blue cheese. I loved blue cheese dressing, or blue cheese crumbled into salad, with lemon squeezed on top.

So it didn't surprise me that my youngest daughter hated salad. But a vegetarian who won't eat salad? Then she tasted Just Salad's balsamic vinaigrette. Although I make my own vinaigrette, she prefers this commercial version, but hey, if she's eating salad...

The other day, I sampled a chocolate hazelnut vinaigrette, developed by the chef at The Hotel Hershey (of course). The dressing was served over a roasted beet and orange salad - and I actually have a kid who loves beets.

The hotel's version also has arugula and radicchio, but she doesn't like those bitter greens. So I used a milder mesclun mix and the salad was a huge hit.

Make the dressing with your kids - and use it on any salad greens. When they add the Hershey's syrup, they are guaranteed to at least try the salad.

Note: I received the information about The Hotel Hershey and the recipe for the roasted beet and orange salad from The Hershey Company. Opinions are my own.

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