Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 67

Gyms in New York City can be so crowded you can't find a locker, or an elliptical machine. Or you have to wait 15 minutes for the 10 lb. weights.

Not so at the West End Sports Club, which is in a new part of NYC that many people haven't even heard of. Across West End Avenue in the 60s, before riverside Blvd even starts, new buildings and parks have sprouted up, and one luxury building houses this gym.

It has a large pool, with aqua fitness classes, a studio for land-based exercise, and plenty of floor space for treadmills, stair climbers and free weights.

What is doesn't have is crowds, which is nice for those who like to exercise in isolation.

Although most of the gym is new, the locker rooms have metal lockers and the old-fashioned look of a Y.

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