Friday, May 4, 2012

De Luxe Coffee ups the ante in Brooklyn

Being rude has a certain cachet in New York. We are brusque because we can be.

Yet, places like De Luxe, a new coffee bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn, belie that rudeness. See, under this facade, we really are nice. Ok, maybe not you, gross seat hogger on the F train, but certainly the owners of De Luxe.

Everyone is greeted warmly at this small coffee shop, and if you stay, you can sip coffee from an aqua cup - and get a free refill. The coffee is rich and delicious. No chemist perfectly calibrating the bean to water ratio, just an honest cup of joe.

There is a small selection of pastries and donuts. And if you come at lunch, you can have a delicious, reasonably priced sandwich. To go, the sandwiches are wrapped in brown butcher paper and you feel like you're in a small shop in France. In 1948.

Although I'm not a hard-bolied egg fan, the sandwich with cheddar and arugula sounded interesting, and for only $5, it was a true bargain to boot. There is also a hummus sandwich, sparked with pickle and arugula ($7) and tuna, also with pickles and roasted red peppers ($9).

But the hands-down winner is a ricotta, fig and truffled honey sandwich, for $6. A perfect vegetarian lunch

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