Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On the Lookout: Funny Road Signs

Visitors to New York are probably confused about many of our street signs. There are alternate sign street parking signs, no standing signs, and no parking on school days signs (does this apply in summer? After private school lets out if the sign is near a private school or do you have to wait till NYC public schools are out?).

We like to look for funny traffic signs when we are traveling. In New York, we are unlikely to see a duck crossing or tractor crossing sign, both of which we’ve seen.

In London, a sign warms us the ‘Mind the Gap.” I really don’t mind it.

Other unusual road signs include turtle crossing and the grammatically incorrect Stop Men Working. Should we stop the men we see from working? Allow the women to continue working?
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  2. Looking for funny traffic signs while traveling is a good habit, you know. It actually shows that you guys really pay attention to the road. :) I wish I could see this "Mind the Gap” road sign you're talking about. The painter of that signboard must have had gapped teeth. LOL!

    Clinton Hurlburt

  3. Funny road signs are cool to me, but I think authorities must carefully consider where they should put these. I mean, they’re great, but there are times that they overpower the important ones. I’ve encountered such incident before. There are a lot of hilarious signs on the road and we didn’t notice other traffic signs. It could result to a serious accident if you give your full attention to those funny signs and disregard the mandatory ones.

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