Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 53

The Prospect Park YMCA attracts a wide range of Park Slope residents. With programs for preschoolers to seniors, it seems the whole neighborhood, including local writer Jane Brody, belongs.

Except us.

The Y is across the street from the gym I went to daily for 10 years, and it's cheaper. And it has a pool.

But it is also where I took an adult 'learn to swim' class before I had kids, and I never learned to swim. A group of us adults clutched the side of the pool and resolutely refused to put our faces in the water.

With signs warning against swimming with open sores, it was not the most inviting place.

But I recent visit surprised me. It has new aerobic equipment, with more channels than the other gym. It has a wider variety of classes, throughout the day.

It has fairly clean locker rooms.

It still has a pool. And a new one is being built, with a retractable roof. Maybe it's time to overcome my fear and aversion.

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