Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 62

The challenge at PedalNYC was not so much the exercise, which was quite difficult, but finding the studio.

New York City has this habit of vanity addresses, where buildings well off Park Avenue are given a Park Ave address, but in this case, Pedal NYC is on an as yet unnamed street, in a new development on the Upper West Side.

Once I found the place, which bills itself as a boutique fitness gym, I felt like I was in a playground for adults. Masochistic adults. Cheery colors, including a bright green and purple, and cubbies made me feel like a kindergartner.

But there was nothing childish about the workout. I took a TRX class (there is also spin, yoga, Pilates and a core class) with a heavily inked and incredibly toned instructor who gave us basic moves, then 'spicy' alternatives. For one move, we had one foot suspended and then we lunged. To make it more challenging, we could jump up from the lunge.

For a plank with both feet suspended, we could increase the work on our obliques by bringing our knees to either side.

Or we could just collapse in a sweaty heap.

The gym has a large bathroom where you can change, and provides small towels for mopping your brow. One nice touch is the collection of hair bands; I often forget one, and spend half my time pushing hair out of my face.

The cubbies have locks. Bring your own water.

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