Friday, April 6, 2012

Talde: Criminally Good

When Talde first opened in Park Slope, the menu did not have that much for vegetarians. There was a whole fish, and vegetable buns, and a kale salad, but too many things had pork.

Then my Kosher friends went there and said that even with the limited choices, the place was amazing. And it was.

Now, it is even more so. The new menu has a number of vegetarian dishes, and as long as you can snag a table (2 hour waits are not uncommon; reservations are not accepted) you will be extremely happy.

From the new menu, we ha the golden beet and tofu salad, with kale. Fantastic. The Saigon crepes, with smoked shrimp (hold the bacon) didn't need the pork to wow us.

The Hawaiian bread buns were a nod to Passover; we had to eat bread the night before we were giving it up for a week. You get three in an order, and you can have all vegetable (changes nightly; last night was shiitake mushrooms) or fluke. Or pork, of course. Both the shiitake and fluke were spicy and delicious.

New to the menu, a soft shell crab bahn mi was messy and fabulous. The crispy soft shell crab was nestled on pickled vegetables. The spicy red sauce should be bottled; I was tempted to scoop up the extra and bring it home. And again, there was bread.

We also had the Pad Thai, with fried oysters (hold the bacon). This was the weakest dish, but it was the best Pad Thai of my life.

We didn't have room for the whole fish, the fluke with black bean butter, the shrimp fried rice or stir fried vegetables.

Or the roasted corn ramen with smoked tofu or lobster soup.

Luckily for Park Slope and the rest of NYC, Talde will be around for a long time.

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