Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 57

For years, my 3 daughters took dance classes all over Park Slope. We lived on Union Street for 10 years, and there were 2 dance studios, one on our block, one another block away (which has since moved). We spent a lot of money on classes.

My girls have outgrown the dance studios, but I have not given them up. Both offer adult classes that draw many neighborhood residents. A lot I know from the years of schlepping children.

As far as gyms go, these are pretty bare bones. A hardwood floor, mats, a few hand weights and steps. If you need a towel, you bring your own.

Spoke the Hub has a few adult classes that offer great ways to stay fit: dance, yoga, Macho Girls Super (Fun) Workout and Step ‘n Scupt. The last 2 are intense a 90 minute workouts.

You have to commit to a series of classes, but it is pretty reasonable, as long as you go to the class you paid for.

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