Monday, October 8, 2012

Fitness Challenge, Day 96

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program, and many gyms around New York are affiliated with it. CrossFit718 has one hour small group training sessions, with a coach and up to 10 participants in each class. The classes, which vary each time, include short bursts of intense activity, like using a medicine ball to squat, throw and catch. Do this enough times and your quads will be screaming. At the intro class I took, we were encouraged to reach a goal, and record our times or reps. This way, you can track improvement over time. My class included a 3-5 minute run (depending on your speed) with that same medicine ball, and a punishing routine of pushups, squats and sit ups. The bare bones gym is stocked with towels and a water cooler, and you might even be offered a banana at the end of your workout. Advanced athletes can try kettle bells, Olympic lifting and endurance training.

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