Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 72

When you travel, it's nice to have a fitness center in the hotel, though you can always just exercise in your room. The historic Mayflower Park Hotel in Seattle has a compact fitness room with a couple of treadmills and exercise bikes, a stepper, free weights and mats.

Sure, a view is more inspiring, and a studio where classes are offered is wonderful, but when you wake up at 5am because you are still on east coast time, you don't really need a perky spin instructor. You need to work on your abs.

The Mayflower Park Hotel fitness room is not the place to start an exercise regimen, but if you are a committed to fitness, and you can satisfactorily work out in a basic space, you will do fine.

Then you can treat yourself to one of the signature martinis at the bar, Olivers.

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