Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 71

One of the signifiers of a neighborhood's arrival is a fitness studio. In Red Hook, Brooklyn, a free community center has a seasonal outdoor pool and one of the most uninviting (but free) gyms anywhere. Red Hook also now boasts a bright storefront gym, Sessions Fit Spin Studio.

Sessions Fit is basically one room, lit by a huge skylight and windows on the street. Half the space is devoted to spanking new Livestrong spin bikes; in the other half, classes like boot camp and body sculpting are held.

I caught the end of a spin class, where the participants used the part of the studio where they weren't spinning to stretch. Then I took boot camp, which was an intense, hour-long class. We kept our heart rate up between strength cycles with jumping jacks or marching.

The studio also offers a marine boot camp, held outside at a playground.

Sessions Fit has few amenities - a bathroom and soft face towels are it - but the mix of classes throughout the day, plus the offer of a free first class - make this a place worth checking out.

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