Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fitness Challenge: Day 75

When an exercise class doesn’t require sneakers, I am skeptical that I can get a good workout. But Exhale Spa’s signature Core Fusion fitness classes, using free weights, a small ball and barre, is challenging in its own way. There is no cardio element (though there are Core Fusion Boot Camp and Core Fusion Cardio classes for those who need to sweat more).

The core fusion class combines elements of yoga, Pilates and dance, and you may find yourself cursing that little red ball as you squeeze your glutes (only 20 more times!) and work deep within muscles.

Although I took a packed class, the instructor managed to know everyone’s name – there were a lot of first timers – and was able to keep on eye on our body positioning. Since 2 sides of the studio were mirrored, there is no hiding in the back.

The studio has tons of classes throughout the day, both yoga and barre, in three exercise rooms.

I was a little surprised out how threadbare some of the Upper East Side studio seemed. Cushions in the waiting area were stained; the place is in need of a make over.

But the locker room as spotless, with thick towels, keyless lockers with hangers, and amenities like razors (though no shaving cream) and mouthwash. Since this is also a spa, there are robes and slippers, too.

Exhale’s reach extends far beyond NYC, to Los Angeles, Dallas and Turks & Caicos, among other locations. It’s nice if you travel a lot; you can use your classes at any location when on vacation.

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