Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Luxury Headphones - Avanti on-ear headphone review

Avanti headphones look and sound great
On my last flight, I offered to sit next to a crying baby.

Just kidding. In fact, I actually offered to switch my aisle seat to a dreaded, claustrophobic middle seat in the last row so the mom seated there could sit with her husband and infant, who were, indeed, next to me.

And, I was rewarded for this when the stewardess then moved me up to a premium economy seat so the family could be reunited

The reason I was willing to sit next to a baby was I was testing out a pair of high quality Avanti headphones. The on-ear headphones, by Moshi, are not noise-canceling, but they are super comfortable and I don’t even enjoy noise-canceling (they are called noise-isolating) - the sensory deprivation feels odd.

What the Avanti headphones do is let you relax and listen to your music, or podcast, or a video, without sticking ear buds in and giving you a true stereo sound.

Compactly packed for travel
They have also helped me when I work in my garden, recently redesigned as an outdoor office. I don’t mind some ambient noise, but my neighbor’s son sometimes blasts distracting rap music, not rally conducive to a work environment. In fact, maybe I should get him a pair.

With the money

The headphones aren’t cheap - $199 retail - but they have a luxury feel and sound and they come with a cool carrying case to protect them when traveling or just running around the city. And they fold up compactly so you don’t have to schlep a big tote to stash them in.

Garden office - headphones helpful
The headphones also look pretty cool, with a stainless steel part over the head, and either burgundy or tan ear cups.


Noise-isolating was not a term I was familiar with, but it means that sound doesn’t leak out. You know hone you are on the subway and someone next to you is blasting music though his ear buds? You can often hear it and wonder how the guy is going to hear when he is 40. But usually you don’t want to listen to someone’s second hand music. With the Avanti headphones, you won’t annoy others around you and you will enjoy high quality sound. A win-win.

Note: I received a pair of headphones for review purposes. I was not otherwise compensated and opinions expressed are my own. 

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