Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kale or Chocolate: is there really a choice?

Yum - a nice big box of Balance bars
Note: I was compensated for this post, but my opinions cannot be bought. I would buy these bars and feed them to my children. 

As a vegetarian, I really love kale - and arugula, endive, frisee, radicchio and spinach. Pretty much any fresh greens. But I also travel a lot and need snacks that are more nutritious than a candy bar. Plus a bag of salad gets all leaky in my purse.

I found a way to satisfy both my chocolate cravings and desire to get more fiber and protein in my diet with Balance bars. The tasty bars are handy if I’m running around in the city all day with my kids and I need a pick me up.

My usual running route
Consider the Balance chocolate peppermint patty bar. Actually, hold on while I unwrap one and sink my teeth in. 

The rich, delicious bar - in 2 patties so you can share or easily save half for later - clocks in at 160 calories, with 6 grams of both protein and fiber and just 15 grams of sugar. If you are craving chocolate - and who doesn’t - you can’t go wrong here.

The chocolate peppermint patty Balance barw
Other new Balance bar flavors include Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat, Dark Chocolate Pecan Turtle, and Dulce De Leche. 

I love that you can throw these bars in your bag to keep up with an on-the-go life. I track my steps and even not including 4 - 5 runs a week while I train for my first marathon, I regularly take over 25,000 steps daily.

For more information on Balance bars, go to www.BalanceBar.com. You can buy them here and follow Balance Bar for tips and nutritional information on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

You can also try Balance Bars for free! I am giving away 6-pack box of Balance in Chocolate Caramel Peanut NougatChocolate Peppermint PattyDark Chocolate Turtle or Dulce De Leche & Caramel varieties. Every comment on this post counts as one entry. The contest closes on August 14 and there is no guarantee of flavor preference. Prize value is $7.74