Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Teen Driving: Tire Safety AND Giveaway

Don't let bad tires lead to an accident
My 21 and 23 year old went to public high school in New York City, where driver’s education doesn’t exist. They took a local driving course and learned how to drive, but even after passing their road tests, we didn’t feel fully confident in them as drivers.

Turns out, we weren’t being overly cautious.

Teen drivers, even those who have had driver’s ed at school, just don’t learn everything they need to know in those courses. And tire maintenance, an important component of safe driving, is often neglected altogether.

That’s why I was glad to hear about Michelin’s new campaign promoting tire safety and other safety tips.

And the need for more time behind the wheel was driven home a two weeks ago when my nephew, who had just gotten his license after completing his high school’s driver’s ed program, took my brother in law’s new car for a spin.

My brother in law bought a new car on a Saturday morning, coming home around 11:30 with it. At noon, we headed over to a festival in Kennet Square, PA. My nephew got home about an hour later and called, asking if he could take the car for a spin.

He drove fine, until he returned home and drove the new Audi through the garage wall. True, this had nothing to do with poor tire maintenance; the car was 90 minutes old, but it was still a reminder that new drivers, even those who pass the test on their first try, still are inexperienced and have a lot to learn.

My brother in law, after he regained the power of speech, allowed that in a way, this accident was a teachable moment, showing his son that he needed to be alert at all times. The damage was limited to a smashed in front end, no one was hurt, and every driver, at some point, is involved in at least a fender bender

But why not check out way to increase the likelihood that any accident is minor.

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Note: this is a compensated post; opinions expressed are my own.

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