Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hello, Old Friend: Greens Restaurant, SF

Winter sampler plate at Greens

Foodie friends supplied with with long lists of the hottest San Francisco restaurants, That was all well and good, but I had to return to an old friend, Greens.

There is a reason this temple of vegetarian cuisine has been enchanting vegans, omnivores and meat and three lovers since 1979. The food is amazing.

Greens & related cookbooks, from my collection
Having only eaten here once, in the late 1980s, I was due for a repeat visit. We cycled past Greens on our way to a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and thanked the ride sharing apps that would later provide our transportation. The restaurant is past Ghiradheli Square, in Fort Mason.
Winter gratin, with sweet potato and butternut squash

We started with the winter sampler, which included lentils with feta, hummus, roasted cauliflower & carrots, pickled beets and muhammara. My husband said the lentils reminded him of something I make at home. I reminded him that I have a pile of Greens - related cookbooks.

Spinach and mushroom filo
Our friend agreed to share entrees, so we got three. It was hard to go wrong here. The butternut squash and sweet potato gratin had grilled polenta and a tomatillo sauce. Perfect for a winter night. Though it was 65 and sunny during the day.

We also shared the wild mushroom and spinach filo. There was a surprising bite of pistachio in the chickpeas. Well, maybe not surprising since it was listed on the menu. But you expect more chickpeas and then there's a nut. It was utterly delicious.

Greens pizza
The pizza with broccoli, feta and olives was ideal for sharing. But I probably could have eaten the whole thing.

Greens also makes a mean martini, with Botanist gin. The wine list, heavy on California wines, is reasonably priced.

I plan to return to California and Greens in less than 30 years. But if I do wait that long, I'm sure Greens will still be kicking it.

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