Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Freshest Fish: Nobu Malibu

The amazing Nobu

When someone invites you to Nobu, the first thing you ask is how soon? Last week, I got to drive a 2019 Infiniti QX50 on the Pacific Coast Highway, with a lunch stop in Malibu.

Yellowtail sashimi
Normally, I don't each much raw fish. I made an exception when I traveled to Japan, and another for Nobu. This mecca of impeccably fresh fish attracts a fabulous crowd, from Hollywood celebs to those who feed the industry: producers, agents, directors. Writers, sadly, usually can't afford it.

The yellowtail sashimi with jalapeƱo is one of the signature dishes, and it was awesome. The thin slices of fish melted in your mouth, with a jolt form the pepper. The black cod miso, which is cooked, spawned a thousand imitators. The original has a deep flavor and was succulent.
Black cod miso in lettuce cups

The king crab tempura was another spectacular dish. There were micro greens on top and seaweed salad below. The trick was to get a bit of each in every bite.

Nobu's beachfront setting
Tirado 'cooked' in yuzu
Crab tempura
Another fish dish, tirado, had more yellowtail that was 'cooked' in yuzu, much like ceviche is cooked in lemon juice. It had cilantro, a controversial herb that divided our table. Cilantro doesn't taste like soap to me, but it's not my favorite flavor. Just a bit of it, though, made the fish shine. Unlike ceviche, this had no onion.

We also had a spicy raw tuna on top of crispy rice cakes, with avocado. This dish can also be made with just the avocado, a vegan option that was equally scrumptious. Edible flowers made the dish even more beautiful.
Spicy tuna on crispy rice cake

I was too full by the time the sushi, but everyone said it was the best they had ever had.

The relaxing setting
Perhaps I could have had some, but I had to try the dessert plate. Our sampler plate included chocolate spring rolls with a chocolate dipping sauce, a warm apple crisp, chocolate molten cake that made us swoon and a chocolate banana miso bar with hazelnuts.

Dessert plate
If you eschew fish, you can have soba noodles, shiitake salad, eggplant with miso and roasted cauliflower. There are also specialty meat dishes.

Nobu may have created an empire, but he deserves the accolades.
Oh, yes, and there was sushi

Thanks Infiniti for this unique opportunity.


  1. Yum! I didn't used to be a sushi fan, but my daughter loves it and over time I grew to love it too. Now I also eat a lot of salmon and seafood ceviche. Just delicious.

  2. That food! That view! What a tremendous dining experience.

  3. I adore sushi. Glad to see that Nobu lived up to its excellent reputation!