Monday, May 15, 2017

Dressing Well for a Bike Trip, without Spending a Lot

The Avia top, over the sleeveless shirt, perfect for biking
There are 2 ways to dress well for a bicycle trip. One is to buy functional clothing designed specifically for biking. The other is to make sure that you look good.

But the 2 can definitely intersect. Avia sent me some new items from their Active Wear line that not only looked great and handles well on my Backroads bike trip to Italy, but also are bargain priced.

Sleepless top, just $7.95

Functional fitness without a steep price

Consider the Avia half zip performance jacket, which I wore almost every morning of the bicycle trip. I could zip it shut when the wind picked up, and unzip it when I got warm. The jacket was just $12.95. I actually spent more than that on my cycling socks.

The fabric was moisture wicking, so I never felt gross and sweaty, and with the thumb holes, I could keep my hands warm under my cycling gloves.

I couldn't wear the sleeveless top on its own, since the April weather was a bit too chilly, but I've been wearing it on training runs for the half marathon, #AirbnbBKHalf that I'm running this weekend.

Note: Avia provided the clothing to me, but I would purchase it on my own.

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