Friday, May 29, 2015

Rain, Rain - Bring It On!

Despite drought conditions in California, the forecast for my recent SheBuysCars trip for Hyundai to Huntington Beach was rain, rain, rain.
Luckily, I had a defense - the new Gustbuster. This durable double canopy folding umbrella comes with a lifetime warranty, so it’s a far cry from the $3 umbrellas (now often $5) that proliferate like moss during NYC flash storms.

I’m not so sure a lifetime warranty is the issue for me and umbrellas - my kids take them and leave them all over the city. I’ve tried obnoxiously vibrant patterns to reduce the chance of petty theft, but still they take my stuff, and then lose it.

But the Gustbuster  was hiding in my luggage now is a beaut: a two tone black and red sturdy with wind release vents that prevent it from turning inside out. It also has a double strap closure, but the company recommends you open up a wet umbrella and let it dry out before closing it.

It didn’t rain at all in California, but I was happy I was prepared. I came home and it’s already rained twice. My garden is happy and I was glad to try out  - and then hide - my new accessory.

Although, apparently not well enough. When I went to take a photo of my Gustbuster, it was not in the umbrella stand.

Note: Gustbuster provided an umbrella for review and I was not otherwise compensated; opinions expressed are my own.

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