Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Airport Hotel: Gateway to Fitness

Most airport hotels are dreary affairs, selected by weary travelers as a last resort, or strictly for convenience. But  the Westin Detroit Metro Airport Hotel is an anomaly, a luxury hotel with great amenities, like its gym. 
The huge gym has state of the art cardio and strength machines, free weights, stability balls and space to stretch. And you can't use the excuse that you forgot your workout clothes - the Westin rents sneakers and workout clothing for $5.
There are headphones if you've forgotten yours, nice soft towels, and chilled towels for a super cool down.
They don't rent bathing suits and there is also a pool, if that's how you like to exercise. But shopping is right at your fingertips; you can stroll into the airport shops.
The Westin has its own security line, so you can get to your gate in just minutes. If you are lucky enough to be flying Delta, the gates are literally right there, but the private security line is an amazing perk.
And with all the extra time you save, you can spend more time exploring Detroit.

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