Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Farm to Glass: Farmers & Distillers

Impossibly delicious: the Impossible Burger

The very urban Washington, DC, does not seem like a place for fresh produce. But Farmers & Distillers goes one step further than farm to table cuisine. Here, you can have farm to glass.

The restaurant works with a local distillery for its own alcohol, including Founding Farmers Rye and Founding Farmers Gin. They also have local beer.

Everything here is made from scratch, from the bread to the fresh donuts. They even have their plates made for them. And though the emphasis is on comfort food, there are plenty of vegetarian options.

In fact, there was a whole meatless section. And the Impossible Burger was an option. [Oddly, it cost more than beef].

There are also pizzas, pastas, and lots of salads.

The Farmers & Distillers plates
I had the cauliflower steak, which came with creamy cheesy grits. It also had roasted heirloom carrots, and a tasty green sauce.

Both my husband and daughter had that Impossible Burger. All burgers come with fries, cole slaw, pasta salad or house salad. On a homemade brioche bun, of course.

The 'Baby Macs' is a great deal. The burger comes with cheese, special sauce and a shake. Or a beer. Not bad for $15. Or $16 for the veggie version.
Homemade vegetarian dumplings

We didn't need our appetizer, sweet potato dumplings, but they were delicious. But we were too full for dessert.

Next time I'm in Washington, DC, I plan to tour the distillery. And return for breakfast.

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