Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Gross Out Toy Offers Sensitivity Lesson

When I first got a package of Zits to review, I showed them to some adults who cold not comprehend this toy. "Who would WANT zits?" they asked?

Well, almost no one. But that's not the point of Zits. The peel and stick pimples are for the gross out factor - think, fake puke, rubber poop. And you are supposed to pop them, and watch the goo (mostly water and glycerin) ooze out.

But I can see value in these ersatz zits. First, if you have a kid who can't stop squeezing his pimples, he can safely pop these and leave the real pimples alone. My mother always warned me not to touch pimples. On the other hand, my husband's mother squeezed his.

Guess what? I almost never had pimples and he has craters from picking his zits. So Zits could save your skin in the long run.
Obviously fake Zits

Fake zits, real feeling

But where I think Zits could actually help is in sensitivity. Let's say one of your kids has troubled skin, but the other doesn't. Being kids, the one with the 'good' skin will likely mock the one with the 'bad.'

To make the one with the pimples feel better, you could apply these fake pimples and join your child in solidarity. I remember how traumatized I was by a single pimple - and really, I had almost my pimples. My daughters, too, would feel that they couldn't leave the house with the tiniest pimple.

Having these around could normalize the experience. And if not -well, just pop them and gross someone out!

Get your zits

Zits come in assorted sizes; a package of at Walmart is $4.99 or buy at IGotZits.com.

Note: I received a sample of Zits for the purpose of this review. Opinions expressed are my own.

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