Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Is it Possible to Love it More? Wahlburgers' Vegetarian Impossible Burger

The Impossibly delicious Impossible Burger

As plant based diets become more mainstream, the Impossible Foods vegetarian Impossible Burger makes inroads around the country.

The Upper East Side Wahlburgers

Vegetarian burgers for all

Wahlburgers, a Boston based burger chain, founded by the the Wahlberg brothers, just introduced the Impossible Burger at its New York City location.

To drink, the Wahlbrewski 
I had tried the Impossible Burger at another burger chain, so I was eager to see what the difference would be here.

At Wahlburgers, a secret sauce with a bit of sriracha automatically comes with your burger (you can request it to be left off). Also, the sauce, and lettuce and tomato, are below the patty, whether meat or vegetarian. The reason is that since your taste buds are on your tongue, the founding chef, Paul Wahlberg, wanted to get that sauce closest to your tasting source. [The other partners in the restaurant  are the actors and singers Donnie and Mark].

Walburgers also adds caramelized onions to the Impossible Burger, along with smoked cheddar. It's all on a delicious brioche bun.

The chain has each location make its sauces and pickles in house. The pickles were crisp and fresh tasting, and the spicy buffalo sauce added a nice kick to the burger. Many of the extra toppings (like the two mentioned) are free; some like avocado spread and extra cheese, cost $1 each.

Pick a sauce: the full line up at Wahlburgers
Tater tots and sweet potato tots go well with the burgers. We tried the macaroni salad, which reminded me of why I hated this dish as a child. If you like a mayo based salad with red onions and celery, this is for you.

For dessert, the grilled 'fluffanutta' will transport you to your childhood. White bread with peanut butter, banana, Nutella and fluff give you gooey sweet, salty, and more sweet, in every bite.
Tater tots, regular and sweet, with cheese dipping sauce

To drink

Wahlburgers partnered with Harpoon Brewery, also Boston based, for an unfiltered pale ale. The Wahlbrewski is on tap, along with a few other beers. There is a full bar, and if you like sweet drinks, adult milkshakes are offered.

Note: I was a guest of Wahlburgers at a media tasting (we tasted burgers, not media).

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  1. That's the first veggie burger I've ever seen that actually looked tasty.