Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Don't Chicken Out: Try Rooster Soup Company

The vegetarian cheese 'steak' at Rooster Soup Co.

If walking past homeless people when you go into a restaurant bothers you, you can feel good when you eat at Rooster Soup Company. All the profits go to the Broad Street Ministry, which provides meals to the homeless.

Not only that, the restaurant, owned by the same team behind Zahav and Federal Donuts, uses the chicken bones left over from Federal Donuts (donuts and chicken) to make the stock for the smoked  matzo ball soup.Philadelphia vegetarian

There are also two vegetarian soups on the menu, but I was after a veggie version of a Philly cheesesteak. This meat and melted cheese sandwich is given a plant based make over at Rooster Soup Co. This version has grilled mushrooms, provolone and kale. It is utterly delicious.

Gooey vegetarian cheesesteak

Rooster has a beet salad, which sounded good. But I wanted the carbs in the farrow, quinoa and hazelnut salad. I was carbo loading for the Love Run, a half marathon the next day. Watermelon radishes gave the salad a pop of color and pleasing bitterness.
Farro and quinoa salad

For extra protein, I had coffee milk, a somewhat bitter  (in a good way) adult version of chocolate milk.
The high rear door handles of the Toyota C-HR

Thanks to Toyota, I drove a gorgeous red CH-R to Philly for the weekend. The crossover was comfortable to drive and had cool rear doors, with handles high on the side.


  1. It makes me feel to good to patronize businesses that give back -- and even better if the reward is a great meal.

  2. Thank you so much! I live in Philly and had never heard of Rooster Soup. The Zahav/Federal Donuts team is amazing, such good corporate citizens.