Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Travel to Central and South America: Bogota Latin Bistro

BBQ tofu special

With one kid spending her junior year in Ecuador and another who studied in Chile, we have had more than the usual exposure to Central and South American cuisine. It seemed fitting, when our youngest went off to South America, that we revisit Bogota Latin Bistro.

Pom palm salad
This lively restaurant, which can get quite loud (blame the cocktail menu, which specializes mojitos and Caipirinhas by the pitcher) has a quieter enclosed backyard, where we ate the other night. And if you are not a rum fan, the Hendrick's mojito subs in gin, with the addition of elderflower liqueur. Lovely.

Not just rice and beans

I love rice and beans, but as a vegetarian, I eat this often. Here, you can go beyond that. Entrees come with two sides, including quinoa, kale with red onion, plantains, cabbage salad and cilantro mashed potatoes.  There are vegan beans or ones with pork. I've had all the vegetarian and vegan options over the years.
Chipotle corn crusted salmon 

There are arepas and empanadas, guacamole and ceviche to start. We shared a pom palm salad; hearts of palm with pomegranate seeds, avocado, mango and a mess of greens.

Gluten free? They've got you

Bogota has a dauntingly large menu, with its own vegetarian section, and vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options designated throughout. There are two dedicated gluten free fryers.

I usually have the quinoa cakes, a vegan take on crab cakes, with a spicy sauce, or the vegetarian plate: rice and beans, with threes sides. There are also vegetable tacos and grilled tofu.  I had a special of BBQ tofu since it was almost Labor Day.

There are also lots of fish options, from fish tacos to several preparations of salmon.  The chipotle corn crusted salmon was spicy and perfectly cooked.

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