Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Best Shot at Seattle Vegetarian Restaurant: Single Shot

The accommodating Single Shot

It may seem intuitive that a service industry should be based on, well, service, but I've encountered rude waiters, hotel employees and retail store personnel around the country.

That's one reason I was so happy at Single Shot, a hip Capitol Hill, Seattle restaurant without pretension. This is a 'sharing plate' restaurant with small, medium and large plates. We went with another couple, who had also never eaten there and asked how much food we should order. No eye roll, no up-selling, just an honest answer that resulted in us getting the right amount of food.

Salad with figs
And one medium plate, a ratatouille flatbread, came with bacon. Could we get that on the side for the meat eaters? No problem. It was delicious for the vegetarians, with fresh heirloom tomato slices, eggplant and squash.

We also had a Margarita flatbread, with lots of fresh basil, and the Dungeness crab potato salad because, well, Seattle.

We ordered every small plate. The charred broccoli rabe with cherries was the stand out. But the salad with fresh figs and the cheese with fig jam were fine too. I was the outlier, not really caring for the melons salad. It had goat cheese, a plus, but mayonnaise, which I hat in any form.

My husband and I shared just one large plate, corn with fennel and leeks, and the otter's had steak with mushrooms.

Our free dessert sampler

Sweet tooth?

We were going to skip dessert, but our server had accidentally brought us the wrong cocktail, so she apologized by giving us a sampler plate of deserts: a wonderful biscuit with creme fraiche and berries, ice cream, and a chocolate pot de creme.
Delicious cocktails

Cocktail time

Getting the wrong cocktail wasn't an issue; the waitress left it, so we got to sample the delicious EAC Sling, a bourbon drink with the sugarcane based Batavia Arrack. What I had wanted, and loved, with the Sherry Bebe, also with bourbon, along with sherry and bitters.

My husband had The Second Affair, which was not a harbinger of a cheating spouse. It had gin, honey, lemon, amaro and bitters. Spectacular.

There are also local beers on tap and lots of Washington state wines.


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