Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Truly Seasonal: Summer Only Harbor Bistro

Goat cheese and pear salad

Some restaurants tout their seasonal menus, but Harbor Bistro, in East Hampton, is truly seasonal. The waterfront restaurant, with a large covered patio, is open only in summer.

And it specializes, of course, in fresh seafood and local produce.
Salad special: grilled baby artichoke, scallops and almonds

Even better, Harbor Bistro is also moderately (for the Hamptons) priced. Most entrees are in the mid $20-$30 range, and are substantial enough to not need an appetizer. When I went recently, there were so many great appetizers that I had an appetizer and a salad for dinner and still couldn't finish my food.

There is a raw bar with local oysters and clams, and a vegan appetizer nightly. I had the vegan hold bowl, with edamame and soba noodles. Not sure why it was called 'chilled' since it was indeed cold, but it was also quite tasty.

Tuna tostadas
I als had a special salad, with grilled baby artichokes, feta cheese and almonds, plus a mess of greens. My husband had the goat cheese salad with three large rounds of breaded goat cheese, on a bed of greens, with pear.

At our table, one person got the tuna poke, with avocado and local tomatoes, and others got the fish tacos.

Tuna poke
My husband had tuna tostados, a hefty appetizer, along with the salad. Others had the grilled local catch, which was stripped bass when we were there.

None of the pastas when we visited were vegetarian, but they could be served without the pancetta.

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