Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Electric SUV: Bollinger Motors SUV

Bollinger B! sport utility truck

When I built cars with LEGOs as a kid, they always looked kind of boxy. I was reminded of this when I saw the Bollinger B1 sport utility truck, an all electric SUV (SUT?) that can go off road.

Robert Bollinger, introducing his baby
The boxy, matte finish truck is like a toy truck come to life. I was at the global reveal, at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan, but this truck is like no other.

Heading towards to Classic Car Club
Bollinger Motors, led by Robert Bollinger, expects to produce its first product by 2019. The truck can go off road and features an all electric powertrain. The range is 120 - 200 miles, depending on battery size.
Robert Bollinger, CEO

With seating for four and a huge cargo area, the B1 is designed for both work and play. Not sure you can build one as cool looking with your old LEGOs but looking forward to seeing these when they go into production.

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