Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wonder Woman and the Goddess: Baker Extraordinaire in Chicago

Baked goods at Goddess and the Baker

In the summer of Wonder Woman, it seems imperative that we explore Goddess and the Baker. [Note: no comparison between these artisan goods and Wonder Bread].

On a Chicago Food Planet walking tour, we saw an outpost of The Goddess and Grocer on the Gold Coast and its impressive array of specialty foods. Then, right by our hotel, the Kimpton Allegro, was a related Goddess and The Baker. This seemed like the ideal spot to have breakfast. [There is also lunch, dinner, beer and wine - it's an all day affair].

Goddess and The Baker has counter service - you order and get a buzzer, and pick up your food. At the Wacker and LaSalle location, where we ate, there is outdoor seating.

Morning sandwich
Since the tagline is Eat Now Caffeinate, we had to try to coffee. There are pour overs, drip coffees, nitro cold brew. We stuck to the house coffee, which was delicious. I was intrigued by specialties like tommy z’s rocket fuel: espresso with honey, cold brew and bitters, over ice and bulletproof: black coffee blended with grass-fed butter and coconut oil. Intrigued, but not enough to try.

Croissant at Goddess and the Baker
We had the morning sandwich: scrambled eggs, cheddar, avocado (you can get bacon or ham instead) and tomatillo sauce on sesame semolina. Had it been later in the day, I would have tried the iron man omelet, made with egg whites, red peppers, arugula and avocado - it seems to early for the onions and brussels sprouts.

Of course, there's avocado toast, and a hummus and brussels sprouts toast (again, too early for me). We went with the sweet side, a chocolate chip scone and a croissant. The croissant was kind of disappointing; it didn't taste all that fresh. But the scone, while maybe even less breakfast appropriate than brussels sprouts, was so good we inhaled it before I had a chance to photograph it.

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