Monday, July 31, 2017

What to Eat in Michigan: Zingerman's, Of Course

Zingerman's brownies
Delis are usually not the best place for a vegetarian, but Zingerman's so no ordinary deli. The Ann Arbor, Michigan based deli has a comfort food, family friendly restaurant, Zingerman's Roadhouse and sees sandwiches on its excellent bread at the Detroit airport.

Best of all, it has a catering business, Zingerman's Roadshow, which features some of its top sellers. And when Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, aka FCA, shows off its new cars, it invites writers to Michigan and treats us to Zingerman's.

Sheila's viva las vegan

If you are a macaroni and cheese aficionado, Zingerman's Roadhouse has several varieties, all rich and creamy. I found out that a hoppy IPA pairs quite nicely with the cheese.

At lunch, the Roadshow crew showed up with Sheila's Viva las vegan, a fabulous sandwich stuffed with hummus, roasted red peppers and artichokes. 

I was almost too hungry for dessert. Almost. Zingerman's has a signature Magic brownie, intensely chocolatey and studded with walnuts. If you don't like nuts mucking up your dessert, you can have the Black Magic brownies.

Zingerman's brownies and other treats are sold online, but having them fresh in Michigan is the way to go.

Thanks Fiat Chrysler for the yummy food!

Note: FCA paid my travel and food expenses.  I was not otherwise compensated. Calories are all on me.

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