Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Unexpected Find: Jeep's GPS Leads Us to Astro Coffee

Astro Coffee, in Corktown, Detroit

While traveling, I've become so reliant on GPS, whether in my phone or in the car, that I think I get lost even more easily.

On a recent trip, I drove from Detroit to Cincinnati in a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. The GPS was flawless; it lowered the volume on my music and podcasts to gently remind me to take an exit, and it gave me ample warning when a turn or exit was coming.

Until, suddenly, it got confused. We were staying at the Westin Book Cadillac, so I thought maybe it was a General Motors / Chrysler glitch. As in, I shouldn't be driving a Jeep to the Book Cadillac. But the hotel was not named for the car, rather, it was for the founder of Detroit.

Would Antoine Laumet de La Mothe Cadillac recognize Detroit today?

Corktown, Detroit; Slow's BBQ at the corner
Detroit has had some ups, and some major downs. Right now, it's dining scene is experiencing a mini renaissance, and while we were in town, we ate at Selden Standard, helmed by a James Beard semi finalist, and a great vegetarian restaurant, Seva.

But we were after coffee and the Jeep was not cooperating - it literally sent us in circles until we were back at the Book Cadillac. Twice. So I remembered that an another trip, I'd eaten at Slow's BBQ (there actually are vegetarian choices) and had seen another adorable coffee shop just down the street.

Taking us to Corktown

The delicious egg sandwich and heated steering wheel
For whatever reason, the Jeep's GPS was willing to guide us to Corktown, and we found ourselves at Astro Coffee, where we had a rich pour-over and spectacular egg sandwich.

Astro storefront
Since we were tight on time (thanks to the downtown circling) and Astro was crowded, we ate in the car. I was glad to have a heated steering wheel so I didn't soil my leather gloves while chowing down on the sandwich. It was on focaccia and had watermelon radishes, greens, and a goat cheese spread. Delicious.

We also grabbed a cinnamon danish because, vacation.

Astro uses local, organic produce and dairy products, and bread from Zingerman's, so you can feel good about supporting the local food scene.

Note: Chrysler loaned me the Jeep for my trip.

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