Monday, January 12, 2015

Westin Workout: Borrow Some Gym Clothes

The workout clothes at the Westin
Nothing is worse than carving out time on vacation to exercise - and then realizing that you left your gym clothes home. I of course NEVER forget anything when I pack (!) but for journalistic purposes wanted to test out the Westin Hotel program, where for $5 you get work out clothes (and keep the socks).

I was a little grossed out by the idea - I approach rental bowling shoes with trepidation - but the clothing I got was completely clean and hardly used. Plus, the sneakers get new insoles after each use, so there's no weird sweat smell.

The lending program is a partnership with New Balance, so all the gear is their brand. And it comes in a mesh laundry bag to leave in your room. I tried out the program at the Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport, where I was staying for the North American International Auto Show.

New Balance running shoes and laundry bag
I was very happy with the capris, short sleeve shirt and sports bra, which all fit perfectly. The running shoes were not so great - they fit, but I buy sneakers that my feet need and these were not right. But for working out in the fitness center, and even for using the elliptical machine, they were fine.

The socks were another matter. I like that you get to keep the socks - but why send a woman men's socks? They were too big and not very padded.

One thing that I really loved - I didn't have to bring home gross sweaty clothes.  Not that MY clothes stink, but my husband is one of those guys who is just dripping after a few minutes of exercise and even when he puts his gym clothes in a plastic bag, the whole suitcase reeks.  It's almost worth the $5 to save our luggage.

If you are a serious athlete, you will want your own workout clothes, but for almost any causal athlete, these are a great solution.

My only question is - how about a swimsuit rental program? There was an empty pool, and I had no suit...


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  2. That was such a great experience to you!! I am sure you enjoyed that. Well I also keep my work out clothes in my bag everytime, and I never missed them once in my life. I am very fitness freak and I used to gym daily with my sister.

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