Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fitness on Vacation: Now the Kids Hit the Gym

The fitness center at the Embassy Suites in Savannah
Time was, the first thing my kids checked out at a hotel was the pool. Before we'd even memorized our room number they'd pulled out their bathing suits and asked to go swim.

Not the prettiest but it was functional
Now, they want to keep to their exercise regimens. One daughter is captain of her college's Ultimate team, another is on he high school track and Ultimate teams and the other just works out regularly. So  when we stayed at the Embassy Suites Savannah recently, we all trekked down to the fitness center to get in our regular exercise.

Treadmills waiting for us
What I love about Embassy Suites (besides the room for a family of 5) is the free full breakfast - and the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and a banana before working out, then eating more after we worked out and showered. (Note: breakfast only goes till 10, so you have to time this right. But we had full days planned in Savannah, so we made sure the girls got an early - ish - start).

A surprise - the outdoor pool was warm enough for winter swimming
The gym had everything we needed; treadmills, with individual screens, stability balls, weight benches and yoga mats. There were foam rollers, free weights, and a bosu ball substitute that worked just fine.

Healthy breakfast options
About the only problem was the empty cold water dispenser. Perhaps since we were in the south we were supposed to bring in some sweet tea.

We had great weather for December - 70s during the day and warm enough to swim in the heated pool.

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