Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hand Sanitizer a Mom can Love

Look around at a restaurant sometime. People sit down, touch a menu that others have handled, pick up bread with their hands and start eating – all without washing their hands.

I always make a trip to the restroom, but if there’s no soap, or I’m on the run, I use hand sanitizer.

Of course, this comes with its own perils. Many hand sanitizers are harsh and chemical based, leaving your hands dry and unpleasant smelling.

So I was eager to try out Mother’s Therapy Organics, a gentle cucumber scented hand sanitizer made from lavender plus organic aloe, Echinacea and goldenseal. The sanitizer moisturizes while it cleans; there also a heavy duty Germ-fight’n hand lotion, perfect for keeping next to the sink.

Although I am well past the diaper bag stage, my puppy has outdoor bathroom needs and the sanitizer is great for carrying around after that.

Right now, the products are only sold online, but I bet as demand grows, it will be more widely available.

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