Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fairmont Southampton: Diet Buster of Fitness Enabler?

If you stay on the gold floor of a Fairmont hotel (about a $100 premium, and totally worth it if you are traveling with a family) you have access to a special lounge with a concierge. There is breakfast, tea with wonderful scones, an appetizer hour and a dessert hour.

This could wreak havoc on your diet. Luckily, the Fairmont in Southampton, Bermuda, also has a great gym, free if you join the free President’s Club

The fitness center, entered through the spa, has an extensive selection of free weights, stability balls, bosu balls (2!) and cardio equipment with individual screens overlooking the pool.

There are weight machines, weight benches, steps and ample stretching areas and yoga mats. Everything was pristine, and you could hydrate with chilled water or lemon water, and grab a piece of fruit after your workout. The fitness center could be a boutique gym in NYC.

There are also headphones if you forgot, soft towels, and showers, hair gel and hair spray in the changing rooms. This is ideal if you are traveling with your family and don’t want to fight over the one shower before dinner.

Note: I stayed at the Fairmont Southampton as a guest of the Bermuda Department of Tourism. Opinions are my own.

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